Atlanta Falcons Opt Not to Get Brand New, Redesigned Nike Uniforms


The new line of NFL uniforms was unveiled this week by Nike, but the Falcons wont look any different when they take the field in 2012. With the exception of the added Nike swoosh trademark, Atlanta's uniforms will remain essentially the same in appearance.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was at the launch, and said about the new Nike uniforms, "You can put innovation into the uniform without changing the look." Which appears to be exactly what Atlanta has opted for, while some teams, like Seattle, have gone for the complete redesign.

The ten-year contract that Adidas owned Reebok had with the NFL is done, and Nike is now the exclusive maker for official NFL uniforms and gear. The biggest difference in the design (for Atlanta) will be more noticeable to the players. Nike uses different materials than did it's predecessor, Reebok. Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon tweeted: "I like the jerseys! The material is the key, the Reebok jerseys held too much sweat... New jerseys look sleek!"

The response on the web and on twitter so far from Falcons fans seems to be pretty positive.  With the stink that was raised last year when Nike unveiled Georgia's Combat uniforms, it's not surprising the Falcons opted to stay with their current design. 

What are your thoughts? Should Atlanta have opted for a new look with Nike, or were they right to stay with the current design?

(Ed. Note: And make sure to check out all the other new Nike football uniforms here.)

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