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Atlanta Falcons Must Beat the New York Giants this Weekend

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have no interest in power rankings in the NFL. But, sometimes a headline catches my eye. That was the case this week with's Pete Prisco and his weekly article on power rankings. His catchy headline? "Finding faith in the Falcons, big flaws in Ravens."

Here are some snippets of what Pete had to say about the Falcons...

The NFC playoffs are weeks away, yet you've already buried the Atlanta Falcons. Just admit it. Their past playoff failures under this current regime coupled with their horrible loss to the Carolina Panthers Sunday have you convinced that they aren't as good as their record. 

All over the league, the shovels were in hands late Sunday and early Monday as people readied to bury the Falcons. Dead. Done. Might be worst No. 1 seed ever.

But here's what's great about the NFL. Another week can change that thinking in a hurry.

Pete goes on to say that the Falcons are on their way to earning the #1 seed in the NFC and that's not an easy thing to do. He also says that the Carolina game was a typical letdown game after the big win over New Orleans and the extended layoff. That makes sense, I listened to talk radio this week and there was even a fan that called in and said he couldn't even get excited for the game. I thought about it for a while and he was right. How many of you were excited for the Panthers game? He also says that if they beat Giants, they will change a lot of peoples' minds.

The Falcons sit at 11-2 with three games left in the season and the Giants look like the toughest test of the bunch. The Giants come into the game as winners of two out of their last three with those wins coming against Green Bay and New Orleans. But, the Giants have lost three of five and their last two on the road. They are 8-5 but a pedestrian 3-3 on the road. 

This feels like a must win for the Falcons or at least a benchmark game for the Falcons where we find out just how good we are. For the record, I don't think this is a "must win", those games start when the playoffs do, but I do think it's important for the psyche of the team and the city.

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