Atlanta Falcons Lose Corey Peters for 6 Games

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Quite the shocking possibility that an NFL team may not be completely forthcoming with injury news, I know, but every offseason we find out about a player's true injury.  How many knee surgeries has Ray Edwards had?  I've lost count.  That situation reminds me of when Michael Jenkins had a "shoulder" injury expected to keep him out four to six weeks that left him on the bench for ten weeks. 

Should we be concerned about Corey Peters?  And can we guess his injury?  I believe we can after the jump.

Back on June 1st it was reported Corey Peters suffered a foot injury and would miss some time leading up to training camp.  Yesterday Peters was placed on the reserve/non-football injury list meaning he will miss at least the first six games of the season.  Week seven of the season is our bye-week so October 21st may be Peters first game this year, at best.  

Our own Zach Kidd steals my thing (baseless speculation) by suggesting a lisfranc injury would be likely considering the timetable.

Once again just speculation, but with the time table of Peters foot injury it's probably a lisfranc injury #Falcons

— Zach Kidd (@GBBZach) August 26, 2012

A lisfranc injury is not only difficult to spell but is more difficult to explain.  According to this great writeup, a lisfranc injury commonly occurs when a foot just falls apart like an old jalopy. Depending on the type of injury and the treatment, one may have be stuck in a cast for six weeks.  The worst of these injuries requires surgery and six to twelve weeks of staying off the foot.  Add on top of that necessary rehab before a player can even get back into football shape it is easy to understand how Peters will miss significant time.

This type of injury would seem to fall in line with the five months between reporting of the injury and his first potential game.  This type of injury ended Matt Schaub's season last year and limited Darren McFadden to only seven games.  If the injury was of the more severe variety, Peters may struggle to get into football shape by October 21st.

However, like I said, it is pretty difficult to get a read on injuries with Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff.  There have been multiple times many expect a player to be playing the next week but is out until the next week.  With it being impossible to know what injury Peters has or where he is in rehab, if it has even begun, we may be without our best emerging defensive player until deep into the season.

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