Atlanta Falcons Analysis: How Many Receptions Will Roddy White Have in 2012?

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So far on our "over/under" series we have taken a look at John Abraham, Michael Turner and Matt Ryan. Now it's time to turn our attention to the most twitterific member of the Atlanta Falcons: Roddy White.

For five straight years, Roddy has caught at least 80 passes and he's caught at least 100 over each of the last two.

This year, Dirk Koetter takes over as Falcons OC and he promises more of a downfield passing game. The Falcons also have Julio Jones and Harry Douglas that should see their roles step up this year. Will Roddy catch 100 passes this season?

Joe: Under 100 receptions: First, Roddy White can still catch 100 balls. That said, he won't because of all the talent around him and the new scheme. Julio Jones is set to be an all-timer, Tony Gonzalez will still be a major part of the offense and Harry Douglas figurs to be featured more under Dirk Koetter.

Moreover, the Falcons have made it clear they plan to incorporate an in-depth screen package which will only further reduce the number of touches for Roddy.

Zach: Roddy White will not have 100 receptions by the time the 2012 season ends. White has already stated that he expects to take a less central role as Julio Jones and Harry Douglas look to get more snaps, targets, and catches. Don't let that fool you though I still believe that Roddy will be a prominent target in Atlanta's offense and will likely finish around 85 catches and 1,100 yards.

Kevin: Roddy White will have a very productive year in 2012. That being said, I'm going with Joe and Zach and I will say that Roddy will have under 100 receptions. Although he will he under 100, I believe he will have at least 80 for the six straight season.

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