ASU Students Wear Blackface to Football Game, Cause Uproar


Several Arizona State University (ASU) students recently wore blackface at a football game against UCLA, causing controversy among the student body.

Pictures of several ASU students wearing blackface were posted on news sites.

ASU's Black and African Coalition president Kyle Denman posted one of the blackface pictures on his Facebook page (above) and wrote:

You can't tell me that he didn't know what he was doing. People will act ignorant for as long as you let them. It's our responsibility to stand firm in our beliefs, and question our university when it fails us. ASU may choose to ignore the situation, but at least our voices are being heard.

“The historical context of blackface is that it is demeaning to the African-American culture,” Denman told “It doesn’t show school spirit, it represents cultural insensitivity at the end of the day.”

The Black and African Coalition has proposed a student bill to stop cultural insensitivity.

“I think the immediate consequences should be not allowing them into the event and then make them attend these events like caucuses or classroom workshops where they are made aware of why it is culturally insensitive to students who are Native American or African American or whatever race it is that they identify with or sex or whatever, because it goes either way,” stated Denman.

Black and African Coalition Vice President Chinenye Okudoh added, “I hope that people will be more aware of what they do and some people are just ignorant and don’t realize that they are hurting someone. I fell like this is something ASU needs to take a stand on.”

ASU students have worn blackface to games before. reported on female students wearing blackface to a football game in 2011.

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