Astros' Twitter Promotion Fails

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The Houston Astros’ last few years have not been the most memorable ones. With a few moves this offseason, it seems like they are headed in the right direction, but a Twitter promotion didn’t go as planned.

The official Astros’ Twitter account tweeted out a promotion that would give away an autographed baseball if it got at least 1,000 retweets by a certain time.

If we get 1000 RTs by 2 pm CT, we'll give away an Altuve autographed baseball! RT now! #JoseAltuve #FaceOfMLB

We didn't get to 1000 RTs so we won't be giving away an Altuve autographed baseball now. We'll try again later. #JoseAltuve #FaceOfMLB

The Astros didn’t give up, though. They put out another promotion later in the day for opening-day tickets. This time it got the necessary 1,000 retweets, making everything a little better.

1000 RTs by 4 pm CT, we'll give away a pair of #OpeningDay tix and BP passes. RT now! #JoseAltuve #FaceOfMLB

Source: Busted Coverage / Photo Credit: Twitter


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