As the Bulls Top the East, Rose Continues to Shine


As the National Basketball Asssociation season wears on, the Bulls top the Eastern Conference, sitting two games ahead of the likes of the Celtics, with a mere 12 games left to play in the regular season. Their roster of young stars has led to solid, all around game play on both sides of the court. Through injuries of Boozer and Noah, the Bulls have managed to attain a record of 52-19. While to many, especially those in Chicago, it is obvious that there is a lot of talent on the team, many of the players are young, and the expectations of a run like this, this year, has come as a surprise to even the staunchest Bulls fan. The young, but rising point guard, Derrick Rose, has a lot to do with the elite level of play, and sheer amount of success the Bulls have had this year.

It takes a solid, all around game, to get to the playoffs with the caliber of players in the NBA. While basketball is most certainly a team sport, and one person cannot truly carry a game, one person can certainly be a game changer, and that is exactly what Rose brings to the court. With a solid defense and a proven bench to back him up, Rose has continued to rack up the W’s, and his aggressive offensive play has brought real results to the Bulls organization. Rose is having a career season, his stats including rebounds, assists, and points per game are at a career high, and that is paying true dividends for the Bulls.

Rose is not just an all around good player, he is a game changer, a closer. and can be relied upon to get that W. In the recent game against the Grizzlies, Rose scored the last six points of the game, securing the hard fought for 99-96 victory. A pivotal 3 point shot, and aggressive offensive play to get in the paint and get the bucket when it counted, won the game. The Bulls don’t just believe in Rose, the city of Chicago believes in Rose.

Chicago is a special place for sports, and to be accepted there is a bit like making it in New York. As the season progresses, and the skill of Rose continues to shine through, games such as the hard fought win over the Grizzlies have left fans chanting “MVP!” as Rose comes off the court. Averaging 24.9 points, 7.8 assists, and 4.2 rebounds per game, Rose is not the only star player helping to lead the Bulls to the playoffs, and perhaps a chance at the number one seed if they continue their winning streak and can maintain their lead. With Boozer and Noah back in the lineup, and the promising talent of young center, Omer Asik, the Bulls have a good chance in the post-season, and the future in Chicago looks very bright indeed.

With 12 games left in the regular season, I expect to continue to hear Rose’s name in the highlight reels and in the game time play-by-play. He is a vital part of the Chicago Bulls lineup, but he is not the team, and the surrounding cast and crew is a testament to that understanding. Should Rose be the MVP? There is a good argument for that, but let’s see how the rest of the season pans out first.


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