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Arum Gets Ines Sainz to Spice Up Manny Pacquiao Fight

Top Rank Promotions has made a lot of publicity-seeking moves over the years for the sake of getting attention, but this latest arrangement is borderline genius.

According to Top Rank chairman, Bob Arum has worked out a deal with the Mexican network TV Azteca to bring on Ines Sainz for the Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito bout scheduled for November 13 at Cowboys Sadium. The deal was reportedly brokered between Arum and Tijuana-based promoter, Fernando Beltran.

For those unfamiliar with Sainz’s popularity explosion over the past two weeks, she’s the long-time reporter for Mexico’s TV Aztecasaid who said she got “unwanted” attention from the New York Jets while in the locker room to do a piece on Mark Sanchez. Her saga became a front-page news story for every major publication around as a variety of social, sexual, gender-based and cultural questions arose because of her traumatic experience.

While the conservative NFL has generally tried to shy away from controversy, boxing seems to gravitate towards such lurid affairs. Thus, it’s really no surprise Arum grabbed onto the biggest name he could to serve as a sideshow act for what many are predicting will be a very one-sided fight.

Does the addition of Sainz to the Pacquiao-Margarito roster make anyone care more about this fight?


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