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NBA: Lakers Artest Wishes Clippers Griffin Would Dunk on Him

Ron Artest is a bit kooky at times, ok, maybe all the time, but his latest quotes, courtesy of Kevin Ding of The Orange County Register, makes him sound even more unbalanced than I thought he was.

After the Lakers gutted out a one-point win last night over the Clippers (87 – 86), Ron Artest basically said he would love to be in a poster with Blake Griffin.

“I hope he dunks on me. His highlights is stupid,” said Artest of Blake Griffin.

Did Artest really just ask to be Mozgoved?

As if wanting to get dunked on wasn’t awkward enough coming from Artest’s mouth, he then went on to say: “I’d buy [the poster] and tell him to sign it.”

The quotes may seem a bit odd—they’re actually hilarious—but it sounds like Artest has high praise for the dynamic rookie.


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