MLB Analysis: Manny Ramirez, Dodgers Payroll, Mike Leake

Manny Ramirez to Return

It looks like Ramirez will be returning to professional baseball again. Manny apparently intends to come back and play, but it’s not going to be for MLB, he’s going to play for the Aguilas Cibaenas in the Dominican Republic this winter.

This isn’t Manny being Manny anymore, this is Manny being a coward. He will not come back to Major League Baseball and deal with the ramifications of his second drug test failure. He’s simply going play somewhere else.

I don’t know who the heck the Aguilas Cibaenas are, but I guess they must be the “Yankees of the Dominican League.” According to ESPNdeportes.com on Thursday, Ramirez said, “Now I’m getting ready to defend the 21st crown of the Aguilas.” (At least that’s the way I translate it, it’s written in Spanish)

Manny, the Dominican Republic is too close to the US, get the hell out of here. Go play in Japan or something.

Other 29 MLB Teams May Have to Pick-up Dodgers Payroll

This one is pretty complicated. While Frank and Jamie McCourt are fighting in divorce court over who owns the team, MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig, swept in and tool control. Now because Selig is keeping everything status quo, the loan that Frank McCourt took from FOX  to make payroll has not gone through and the other 29 teams may have to all chip in to make the May payroll.

What happens when June comes? July, August, September, etc.? You really can’t make stuff up and now McCourt is going to have MLB in court for years. As bad as the NY Mets/Madoff situation is, this one is actually a lot worse. You can read all about the details of this this circle jerk in today’s LA Times.

Mike Leake had Charges Reduced

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Reds pitcher Mike Leake on Friday had his legal charges reduced from theft to unauthorized use of property, and he was accepted into a diversion program. Leake pleaded guilty in Hamilton County Municipal Court to the reduced charge. The theft is a Misdemeanor 1, and the reduced charge is a Misdemeanor 4.

I’m not sure what all that legal jargon means but the diversion program will include 30 hours of community service and counseling. When Leake completes the diversion program, the case will be dismissed.

If you recall, Leake, 23, was arrested April 18 at the downtown Macy’s and charged with theft, accused of stealing six T-shirts valued at $59.88. I would say that “unauthorized use of property” is a pretty mild way of putting that…..

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