MLB: Dodgers Can’t Make Payroll, Rangers, Jeter, Reyes


Dodgers Can’t Make Payroll

The LA Times reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers don’t have the cash to meet this month’s payroll obligations on May 31st. Hmmm, what to do, what to do.

At this point it almost seems as though Frank McCourt is dead on and Bud Selig is going out of his way to make sure owner McCourt can’t borrow the money to make payroll so that MLB can permanently seize the team. It’s widely known that Selig and McCourt couldn’t stand each other prior to the Dodgers financial woes, so it wouldn’t surprise me if McCourt’s claims here that Selig is trying to lean on him were true. The biggest question I have about this whole thing is how the heck are they going to explain to Hong-Chih-Kuo that he won’t get paid?

Andre Ethier’s hit streak remains intact as he missed his first game of the season with an inflamed left elbow. While Ethier claims to have had an elbow problem, some are reporting that he was out looking for a job where he would get paid…

Texas Rangers Get Their Man

As I mentioned would be the case on April 13, the Texas Rangers have signed speedy Cuban outfielder Leonys Martin to a five year $15 million contract. The deal, which includes a $5 million signing bonus, was made official Wednesday morning, and the center fielder went 2 for 4 with a walk and a stolen base later in the day in an extended-spring game.

General manager Jon Daniels said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Martin makes his major league debut this season but seemed to go out of his way to suggest that he wasn’t signed to take away Julio Borbon’s job. “We’re not really focused on that,” Daniels said. “A lot of that will depend on his development and our needs. We think he has a chance to be a relative quick mover, but we didn’t sign him to make an impact this year.”

HOG WASH! I guess that was the politically correct thing for Daniels to say but Martin will be the new centerfielder later this season, sorry Julio… This isn’t a kid; he’s already 23-years old and has plenty of experience playing against many of the major leaguers in international competition. He’s ready now and it won’t take long for Ranger fans to see him in Texas. When you see him play, his speed and defense game will remind you very much of Ichro Suzuki without that funky “run to first as you’re swinging” style.

Jeter Leaves Game with Hip Problem

Derek Jeter limping off the field last night has already caused a non-stop barrage of phone calls on New York area sports talk radio this morning focusing on whether or not the aging Yankee icon should be dropped in the lineup.

Jeter had a sub par year last year and is off to another one so far in 2011. The fear among Yankee fans is that Father Time has caught up to the legendary shortstop and he’s no longer able to perform adequately in the field or at the top of the lineup. The Yankees of course just re-signed Jeter to a spankin’ new multi-year deal guaranteeing him $51 million and will have a huge logistical and PR problem if in fact Jeter’s production has permanently fallen off a cliff.

The reality in New York is that there is a strong possibility that while Derek will unquestionably be a Yankee next year, he may not be the shortstop. Add that to the fact that Jose Reyes will definitely not be a Met and opening the 2012 season with neither Derek nor Jose as shortstops in NY would be quite a different experience for NY sports fans next year.

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