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Arnold Schwarzenegger Cheers On Man's Record-Breaking Deadlift (Video)

Weightlifter Eddie Hall set a new world record at the Arnold Classic bodybuilding event in Australia on March 13.

Hall deadlifted 1,018 pounds (462 kilograms) as former professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger cheered him on (video below).

The 27-year-old Hall, who is nicknamed "The Beast," also let out some animal-style growls for the crowd, noted The Sentinel.

Hall later tweeted, "That moment when you pull a WORLD RECORD deadlift 462kg and @Schwarzenegger is cheering you on. PRICELESS!"

Schwarzenegger wrote on his Facebook page, "This, ladies and gentlemen, is a world record deadlift at the Arnold Classic Australia. 462 kilos — 1,018 pounds. Congrats to Eddie Hall."

According to ESPN, Hall broke Schwarzenegger's personal record by more than 300 pounds.

Sources: The Sentinel, Twitter, Facebook, ESPN
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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