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The Arms Race For The World's Longest Golf Club Rages On (Video)

In September, we told you about South African man Karsten Maas and his caricature-esque, 14-foot golf club. Maas’s fellow long club enthusiasts apparently weren’t too impressed with his creation, as two other golfers have come forward in recent months with clubs that put his to shame. The new world record goes to Michael Furrh, who was filmed by the Guinness Book of World Records on Monday swinging a 20’6” driver.

Furrh’s record breaking swing sent the ball just 63 yards, but that was still long enough to qualify him for the record. As points out, the record isn’t just for the longest golf club, but for the longest useable golf club.

YouTube user Mike Rausch filmed some slow motion footage of the club in action. The shot in the following video isn’t of the record-breaking swing, but it’s cool nonetheless to see this club at work:

Photo credit: YouTube


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