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Armless Man Throws First Pitch at Kansas City Royals Game (Video)

Tom Willis, who was born with no arms, threw out the first pitch at Thursday’s Kansas City Royals game.

Willis, 54, began with a pitcher's wind up and threw the ball with his foot (video below).

Willis, who was born with congenital bilateral upper amputation, travels the country doing first pitches.

So far, he has tossed out the first ball at 22 stadiums as part of his Pitch for Awareness campaign, notes Yahoo! Sports. His goal is to throw the first pitch at all 30 baseball stadiums.

In 2011, Willis told how he throws with his foot (better than many of us can throw with our hands).

"Basically, I hold the ball with my right foot and step back with my left leg," said Willis. "Then I lift my left leg into a kick like a real pitcher does. I bring that leg down slowly and the right leg comes up."

"Using the momentum that I've created in my hips when I bring my left foot forward, I get an extra whip and just try to throw straight at the catcher with the ball coming from my right foot," added Willis.

"Most times it gets there. It's similar to the same way people throw with their arms, but I do it with my legs and feet."

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