Arkansas State Uses 'Hide the Midget' Play (Video)


Arkansas State came from behind to win the GoDaddy Bowl against Ball State last night, 23-20.

An unusual play by Arkansas State happened in the second quarter when wide receiver R.J. Fleming crouched behind the offensive line, reports CBS Sports.

The 5'9" Fleming took the ball, but waited until Arkansas State quarterback Fredi Knighten did a fake hand off before running around the left side of Ball State's confused defense.

This unusual misdirection play is called "Hide The Midget," according to ESPN's Carter Blackburn (video below).

Fleming gained 27 yards on the play in a drive that resulted in a touchdown to tie the game up at halftime.

The play was reportedly invented by former Arkansas State coach and current Auburn coach Gus Malzahn.

This time the play was called by Arkansas State's interim head coach John Thompson, who was hired by Malzahn in 2012 and coached the team to a 17-13 victory in last season's GoDaddy Bowl.

According to, Arkansas State's new head coach Blake Anderson is not keeping Thompson or any other current coaches, but Thompson had kind words for his former team after the game.

"I am blessed that I was able to stay here and spend two years here and come back home for two years and enjoy the people back here,'' said Thompson. "It was a great two years. You're going to win a lot of games with these young men, no matter what's going on. I am grateful that I had that opportunity. It was a fun way to go out tonight. I love those players, I just love those players. God was good and answered a lot of blessings."

In a bittersweet moment after winning his second bowl game, Thompson added that his job search "will probably start tonight."

Sources: and CBS Sports


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