Arkansas State Football Player Fakes His Death On Fake Punt (Video)

The Arkansas State football team tried to pull off a very strange fake punt last night.

The Red Wolves’ failed play is all over the web because one player faked his death during the play. When the ball was snapped, receiver Booker Mays crossed his hands over his heart and fell over like he was dying. He then stayed sprawled out on the ground motionless. It was odd.

Arkansas State punter Luke Ferguson promptly threw an interception on the play, but that’s irrelevant. Look at this acting by Mays:

Though this play will likely go down as one of the worst (and most humorous) fake punt attempts in history, Arkansas State has proved in the past that they can pull off some trickery. Check out this invisible midget play they pulled out during last year's GoDaddy Bowl:

Sources: FTW, The Clarion-Ledger


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