Arkansas Head Football Coach John L. Smith Preparing to File for Bankruptcy

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Being a college football coach isn’t as glamorous as one would think, apparently.

In the aftermath of their nightmare divorce from Bobby Petrino, the powers that be at Arkansas were hoping to ride a wave of boringness into the next college football season.

They went out and hired a relatively unimpressive guy in John L. Smith. They’ve largely stayed out of the headlines ever since the motorcycle crash heard around the world. And they’ve made it clear that, from here on out, their focus will be strictly on restoring Arkansas to its rightful perch atop the college football world.

Well, as it turns out, their boring new hire isn’t as boring as initially believed.

According to ESPN, Smith is currently in the process of preparing to declare for bankrupty. The specific details about why he’s doing this are unclear at the moment, but apparently it's all related to some bad land development deals in Kentucky.

How much was sunk, exactly? “Multi-millions” is the extent to which Smith has acknowledged his total losses.

"There have been some sleepless nights trying to get this resolved," Smith said. "There comes a point in time where you say 'Enough is enough,' and I want it cleaned up and whatever we have to do, we have to do."

Jeff Long, Arkansas’ athletic director, was reportedly informed of Smith’s financial situation before hiring him. It wasn't a big deal to him.

The silver lining here, if you really want to see it? Clearly Smith doesn’t have $20,000 to give to any mistresses.

Take your wins where you can get them, Arkansas fans.

(Kudos ESPN, USA Today)

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