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Arizona's Pro Sports Teams Are Cursed By The Gods

The great state of Arizona experienced some unbelievably bad sports luck this year.

Despite all four major professional teams finishing with records over .500, not a single one of them made the playoffs. The depressing stat was publicized recently by reddit user tayto. Here are the records for Arizona’s big four teams:

Arizona Cardinals: 10-6

Phoenix Suns: 48-34

Phoenix Suns: 37-30-15

Arizona Diamondbacks: 81-81

The lack of a playoff berth has to be the most depressing for the Cardinals and Suns. The Cardinals had the sixth best record in the NFC and even managed to take down the Super Bowl champion Seahawks on their own turf. If the Cards can land a QB that throws less than 80 interceptions a year they’ll be even more dangerous. That defense is scary good.

And then there’s the poor Phoenix Suns. They’ve already been dubbed one of the best teams in NBA history to miss the playoffs. How comforting. Since the NBA’s 16-team playoff format took effect, only the 2007-2008 Golden State Warriors managed to win 48 games and miss out on the postseason.

Keep your heads up, Arizona fans. If it's any consolation, rumor has it the Sun's brass is interested in Kevin Love. 


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