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Arizona Cardinals Safety Rashad Johnson Loses Finger Tip During Loss To New Orleans

An Arizona Cardinals player suffered an unusually grisly injury on Sunday when he was hurt while tackling a New Orleans Saints player during a punt return. Rashad Johnson lost the tip of his middle finger when his digit was crushed and partially severed. The fourth-year safety was hurt during his team's 31-7 loss to the Saints.

The Arizona Republic's Kent Somers had the following tweet about the gruesome injury: “Johnson's injury happened on a punt return, tackling sproles. Not sure what happened, might have smashed in ground. #AZCardinals.”

He had a few more tweets about the nasty situation:

“S rashad Johnson lost top of right middle finger Sunday. Took glove off and finger was still in,” he tweeted. “Johnson had surgery yesterday. Bone was exposed so must watch for infection… Drs shaved bone on Johnson's finger and repaired. Lost about down to first knuckle.”

Although they are very uncommon, injuries like this have happened in the past, WJLA reported. Hall of Fame player Ronnie Lott famously had a portion of his pinky finger amputated after it was crushed during a game while he was playing for the San Francisco 49ers.

It’s unknown when Johnson will be able to take the field again.

Sources: WJLA, Bleacher Report


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