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NBA Trade: Gilbert Arenas Headed to Magic?

A league source tells Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports that the Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards are in serious discussions regarding a trade that would send Gilbert Arenas and at least four of his pistols to Orlando.

According to Yahoo, Arenas has been telling people for days that he believes that a trade is imminent. It’s easy to believe that the Magic would start looking for perimeter help as they’ve lost a bunch of games recently.

There is speculation that the Magic could send Vince Carter’s expiring contract to the Wizards. Or they could try to build a trade around longer-term contracts like the one for backup center Marcin Gortat.

Arenas has four years and $60 million left on his contract. Plus, the Wizards have John Wall now, and they don’t need Arenas’ Dirty Harry impressions in the locker room anymore. They’d prefer someone a little more like Johnny Letter.


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