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Stop Overreacting, LeBron James will be King in Game 6 Against Celtics

Now that the media world has decided that Lebron is no longer the chosen one, I have one question. Are you ready to witness?

Lebron has been dragged through the mud the last two days after his horrible performance on the court in Game 5 and poor remarks following the game. Don’t worry, he is listening.

Could the Celtics close out tonight? Yes. Then everyone can begin their talk about his free agency and how he gave up on Cleveland.

But let us be realistic. Has Lebron stepped up to a challenge before? Absolutely. Could he go for 50 points tonight to destroy the Celtics at home? That is not only possible, but almost probable.

Two weeks from now we shall laugh about the overreaction after Game 5 of this series. Lebron will have crushed Boston in these last two and gone on two beat Orlando in 5 games. They will be entering the NBA Finals against the Phoenix Suns.

The criticism will have stopped. Awe will have set in.

There will be no talk about a tail between the legs on the way out of Cleveland. The media will write about how New York will gracefully accept the King into their arms.

Lebron will again be King.

Game 6. Boston. 8pm EST. ESPN.



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