Are We Starting to See a Kinder, Gentler Floyd Mayweather?


On Cinco de Mayo at the MGM Grand Garden Area in Las Vegas, Nevada all-time great Floyd “Money” Mayweather (42-0 with 26 KOs) will face future Hall of Famer Miguel Cotto (37-2 with 30 KOs) for Cotto’s WBA Junior Middleweight title in possibly the biggest fight of the year.

Recently, both men were featured on the excellent HBO produced program “Face Off” which is hosted by Max Kellerman. Normally, whenever a face-off episode involves Floyd Mayweather, we are almost always guaranteed to witness fireworks and sound bites galore. This time, no such thing occurred. Floyd was uncharacteristically listless throughout and highly reverential towards Cotto.

The “Money” Mayweather character appeared to emerge when Floyd complimented Cotto on his taste in bling (namely his watch) and when he asked someone in his entourage to bring up the score of a college basketball game that he wagered 100 grand on. If it was not all for publicity, given the fact that his upcoming fight will yield him a minimum of 40 million dollars (win, lose, or draw), why he is so concerned with a 100K bet that he said would potentially yield him around 86K is beyond my comprehension.

At any rate, throughout the episode Floyd did more smiling, adjusting his chair, and elevating Cotto to the public rather than his customary trash talk. Mayweather stated that he still considers Cotto to be “undefeated” because Margarito was subsequently found to be a cheater after their initial encounter and Pacquiao asked Miguel to fight him at a catch weight that was two pounds below the welterweight limit, thus causing Cotto to be ”weight drained."

Of course, boxing fans in the know are aware of the fact that Cotto weighed 146 pounds for the fight prior to the Pacquiao fight so I highly doubt the extra pound killed him. Floyd also mentioned that Cotto is a future Hall of Famer which is accurate and referred to him as a “quiet killer” which is also true. Given the fact that Cotto is not the kind of guy that will ordinarily talk trash unless he feels that you cheated to beat him and could have permanently injured him, one would think that Floyd would have...

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