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Are the Seahawks For Real This Year?

In a division of the weak, the Seattle Seahawks are the strongest.  They’ve won their only two home games this season against two teams with a combined record of 1-5 (San Francisco and San Diego) and were blown away 31-14 in their only away game against the Denver Broncos who, might I add, haven’t exactly impressed anyone themselves.  All of this leaves me begging the question; how good are the Seahawks?

Pete Carroll is just now tasting his first NFL season as head coach in the Emerald City after a span of nine years at USC where he only lost a total of only 19 games. 

Let’s face it, the guy isn’t used to losing, but he better get used to it if his boys can’t become more consistent on the offensive side of the ball.  Possessing a veteran quarterback like Matt Hasselbeck helps tremendously, but not if he leads the team in rushing touchdowns with two, in three games.  Hasselbeck also happens to have the second most rushing yards on the team, behind running back Justin Forsett, with 30.

But if the Seahawks offense isn’t carrying the load, the defense has to be, right?


Seattle’s defense looked horrible in the second half of their win against San Diego in week three.  The Chargers had key scores taken off the board twice because of penalties and both times scored the very next play after the penalties, with Charger receivers left wide open in the end zone.  Not to mention the Seahawk offense is ranked 30 this year, giving up an average 315.7 yards per game through the air.

The fact that Seattle’s special teams carried the Seahawks to victory in week three is disappointing. If it weren’t for Leon Washington and his two kick returns, Seattle would have two in the loss column instead of the win column. 

Scoring on special teams is a bonus, not a game plan. So get ready for a wild ride Seattle, because this season is going to be a roller coaster.   


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