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Are Mets Just Going to Forfeit 2011 season?

The New York Mets aren't destined for a turnaround simply because they have assembled a so-called all-star front office of Sandy Alderson, J.P. Ricciardi and Paul DePodesta, right? Well unfortunately for Mets fans, that's it for 2011 Mets fans, whatever money Mets had to spend for 2011, they just spent on the front office.

  • The Philadelphia Phillies have spent a few dollars improving their team this winter; they added some guy named Cliff Lee I've been hearing about.
  • The Florida Marlins improved themselves by adding Javier Vasquez. When he last pitched in National League East in 2009, he was a legitimate Cy Young candidate.
  • The Washington Nationals added Jayson Werth, the guy is Derek Jeter-like clutch with power, plays great defense and is a great athlete.
  • And the New York Mets have signed future Hall of Famers, D.J Carasco and Ronny Paulino (cough, cough.)

Why don' they just issue a press release that says, "We have the contracts of Carlos Beltran ($18.5 million), Francisco Rodriguez ($18.5 million), Oliver Perez ($12 million) and Luis Castillo ($6 million) all coming off the books in 2011 and we aren't going to add any payroll until those funds get freed up. We will not be competitive this coming year and will likely finish on last place, so please bear with us and we'll see you again next year."

The Mets clearly aren't even making phone calls to the agents of Adrian Beltre, Rafael Soriano, Vladimir Guerrero, Carl Pavano, Derrek Lee and Adam LaRoche.

Brandon Webb signed with the Texas Rangers today and it looks like Octavio Dotel will be signing with the Toronto Blue Jays.

SI's Jon Heyman put out a list of 25 other free agent bargains that can be had, perhaps the Mets can ask Heyman to let them know who numbers 26 through 50 on his list are and they can call some of them. - Josh Bolan


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