Are the Nationals Finally Ready to Make Their Move


Is it time yet?

Are the Nationals finally ready to make their move?

Since day 1 of spring training, most people had the Nationals hyped as the odds on World Series favorite. Yet midway through the 2013 season the Nationals are 6 games out in the NL East and are just 2 games above .500.

Now, the good news for the Nats (along with getting Bryce Harper back) is that their big 3, in Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, and Jordan Zimmerman are all still healthy and pitching well.

The question is: will the back end of the rotation and lineup be able to step up enough to get the Nationals back into the division race?

Ross Detwiler and Dan Haren have combined for 10 quality starts in 27 tries, with the other fill ins combining for 1 quality starts in 6 tries. Meanwhile, the depth of the Nats offense has been exposed as a huge issue since Harper and Werth have been missing time.

Ryan Zimmerman is the club’s leading hitter (that has played more than 50 games) at .276, with the rest of the team hitting a combined .238. Not only that, but this team doesn’t know how to take walks either. Shown by their 28th worst team OBP. Low average, with no power, and no walks is not a great recipe and doesn’t give a team much to build on.

With all that being said, if the Nationals are going to make a run, now would be the PERFECT time to do it. Leading up to the All Star break, the Nationals play every one of their 13 games against teams with a record below .500 (Brewers, Padres, Phillies, and Marlins).

In other words: “Bryce, you better get your team going…and do it soon.”

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