Putting the Lakers' Early Woes and Kobe Bryant's "Shut Up" Comment in Perspective


“I’ve won so I can [tell people to shut up]...Everybody shut up. Let us work.”

Okay Kobe. Got it. We’ll shut up, you guys work, and everyone will be happy. We’ll go back to talking about Tim Tebow or James Harden and you guys start winning. No problem.        

The thing is, I want to see the Lakers win games. I want it to work. I want to see Steve Nash run the pick and roll sometimes, and I want the Princeton offense to move seamlessly. I know it will take time. Kobe is right. We need to shut up. We are right too, though, in saying the Lakers suck right now and the offense looks bad. He was right in all the things he said about winning championships with a complex offense and the time it takes for everything to come together. Everyone can be right.

But this is typical sports in today’s world. In a month or two the Lakers will have come together a little bit and put together a 10 or 12 game win streak. And we'll all be happy. Then they’ll go on the road for a few games and drop 2 of 3 and we’ll be right back to saying how it can’t work, the Lakers can’t beat good teams, or talking about hypothetical 7 game series against the Thunder, Spurs, Clippers or even Heat. Then Nash will miss 3 games because of his back, Steve Blake will start and the Lakers will win those games. And the fans will go crazy. Lakers fans will say it shows how deep the team is, Laker haters will say Nash is overrated, old and washed up. Someone might even mention the fact that Nash has 2 league MVPs and Kobe only has 1. Then somehow the conversation will turn to Kobe vs. LeBron, then LeBron vs. MJ and we won’t know what we’re talking about. Then we can shut up. And Kobe and the Lakers can get back to work.

The Lakers can be a very good team this season. And sometimes very good teams don’t win the championship. Nash never won in Phoenix, LeBron didn’t win in Cleveland. The Thunder and Spurs didn’t win last year. Should I keep going? Barkley, Stockton, Malone, Payton and Kemp, Ewing, those Kings and Trail Blazer teams, never won. Kobe and Shaq brought in the Glove and the Mailman and lost to Chauncey, Ben Wallace and some guys that trusted the process, worked hard, stayed disciplined, and saw the bigger picture.

So let’s sit back and enjoy this 82 game season. Let’s focus on the bigger picture and trust the process. Let’s take Kobe’s advice for once. The best teams will come out on top. And the Lakers have a hell of a chance.

After all, they do have 2-time MVP winner Steve Nash.


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