MLB: Mets Hire Collins; Justin Upton & Jose Reyes on the Move?


So the Mets have hired Terry Collins. Is the Mets fan base excited? "Yawn."

While that's news, I'm certain Mets fans will be more interested in digesting what's going on behind the scenes. Follow along, as this gets a bit convoluted.

On November 3rdm here's what new Mets GM Sandy Alderson said when he exercised the $11 million club option for Mets shortstop Jose Reyes.

"Jose Reyes is one of the most dynamic players in the game and there never was any doubt about picking up his option. A long-term deal is not out of the question. It is something we can certainly discuss at a future date."

Were Alderson's intentions really to keep Reyes as part of the core of the team, or was he plotting for a sign and trade?

Why do I say this? Because on Friday it was reported by an industry source that former Mets general manager Omar Minaya has been offered a position as special assistant to Arizona Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers. Then on Sunday morning, that same industry source reported that the Mets had been talking to Arizona about acquiring Justin Upton and Stephen Drew for Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Jenrry Mejia.

Does this make sense to anyone?

What I understand

  • I completely understand that fact that Minaya may go to Arizona, I'm sure he would rather work prominently in the industry rather than just sit home and get paid.
  • I also understand that there has been a growing desire to break up the Mets core (Beltran, Reyes, Wright) as for whatever reason, things have just not gone right for the trio. Reyes and Beltran have been riddled with injuries of late and Wright has long been known as one of the streakiest players in the game. 
  • Upton is locked up at a great price for five more years and Drew who is arbitration eligible is under the Diamonbacks control until 2013.
  • Beltran is in his walk year and in essence, Reyes is too as he just signed the one year option, and the Mets have Mejia's rights locked up for another few years.

What I don't understand

  • Why would Towers move Upton for anyone?
  • Would the Mets be picking up a large part of Beltran's 2011 salary?
  • Would this all be contingent upon Minaya going to the D'backs? I understand that that there would be a change of names and addresses in clubhouse personnel, but exactly what would either side achieve in terms of roster composition other?
  • This apparently assumes that Arizona would sign Reyes to a long term deal, is that where the always smiling and energetic Reyes would want to play? In the desert?
  • Would the Diamondbacks be interested in signing Beltran after 2011? If not, they would be left with Upton and Drew for Reyes and Mejia? I know people around the league are high on the young fireballer Mejia, but didn't the Mets have to shut him down for a while last year with arm trouble? It can't be good if a kid that young is already having arm problems, can it?

I'm really confused as I don't see why either party would do this. This just doesn't pass the smell test. If anyone can tell me why either side would do this, I'd like to hear it. I think Mets have a much better chance of getting Adrian Gonzalez during spring training then this ever happening. - Keith A. Baker

Keith is a sports agent in Stamford, Connecticut. His goal is to offer a unique insight to the world of sports. Comments in his columns are for entertainment purposes only and do not reflect the views and opinions of his firm or his clients.

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