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Are the Atlanta Falcons Boring? No

Earlier this year the Falcons were debating whether or not to do HBO's "Hard Knocks" series. One of the knocks against the Falcons, and it's even something that we said out loud, was that the Falcons just weren't a very interesting team.

There simply wasn't a lot of personality on the team. So far we are three weeks into the season and there have been some pretty interesting things that have come out about certain Falcons. Here are three examples of how the Falcons are indeed a very interesting team off the field as well as on the field....


EXHIBIT B: Our Kicker Can Summon Alligators!

Bryant has learned to mimic the distress call of an alligator. It works to draw the reptiles out from bodies of water, and he’s gone as far as to lead them around golf courses as they investigate the sound. He’ll stop near the green to allow a group to putt out, of course.

The retention pond behind his house in Tampa was the testing ground. Bryant’s wife noticed a small alligator, so he made the noise. The creature started to follow Bryant’s wife. When Bryant had her stop, the alligator continued toward the noise.

Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter can relate a firsthand account. Earlier this year, several players and coaches were playing golf in Myrtle Beach, S.C, and staying at the home of owner Arthur Blank. After talk of Bryant’s ability, someone noticed an alligator in a pond behind the home. Bryant did his call, and the animal immediately came “flying” out of the water and toward the group.

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EXHIBIT C: Willy Mo Raps

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