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Are the Arizona Cardinals Officially Done with Kevin Kolb?

Well, that didn’t work out as planned. Kevin Kolb was put on IR by the Arizona Cardinals on Wednesday, following his unsuccessful attempts at rehabbing his freakish rib injury. Just another in a series of unfortunate events for both the Cardinals, and more specifically their oft injured quarterback. This injury, in combination with the fact that his numbers never even came close to justifying his 6 year 63.5 million dollar contract when he was healthy, could spell the end of the Kevin Kolb era in Arizona.

You can’t blame the Cardinals for making the trade to acquire the oft injured quarterback. There was a weak quarterback market at the time, and the team desperately needed help at the position, and the price was right. A 2nd rounder, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie seems more than fair for a quarterback that seemed more than capable of handling the starting job at the time. Especially when you take into account the fact that Rodgers-Cromartie didn’t fit in the new system, and they had just drafted Patrick Peterson. As justifiable as the trade was, the contract is not. 63.5 million over 6 years for somebody who had never even started for an entire season seems just a bit steep.

Here’s a brief recap of how the Kevin Kolb era has gone in Arizona. His first season in the desert was some kind of disastrous. He went 1-6 before being hit with turf toe and knocked out of action for about a month. His return from turf toe saw him beating the Cowboys, then getting concussed against the Niners the next week. That same concussion would force the Cardinals to put Kolb on the IR. This year didn’t go a whole lot better. He lost his starting job in training camp, regained it following a week one victory subbing in for John Skelton, and only 6 weeks later would suffer a horrific rib injury that we now know is season ending. He was put on the IR yesterday.

The good news for Kolb looking ahead to next season is that Whisenhunt has stated he wouldn’t mind having him back as their starting quarterback. The bad news is I can’t imagine management shares Whisenhunt’s enthusiasm for Kolb especially taking into account his 14.9 million dollar cap hit next season (according to Even worse for Kolb, Whisenhunt is on equally shaky ground with this organization as he is.

I don’t know what the future holds for Kolb, or anyone within the Cardinals organization for that matter, but speaking personally I think it’s time they moved on from this experiment. There is going to be no shortage of quarterbacks on the market this offseason, that they could most likely get at half the price, and with probably more proven track records as well. It’s not even a knock on Kolb really. He’s overly expensive, somewhat underperforming, and perennially injured. At least two of those are out of his control. Sort of. This team is in need of a serious makeover on offense, and keeping somebody with this hefty a price tag just doesn’t seem to make much sense. With the offensive line the way it is, cutting the balsa wood quarterback would almost be an act of mercy anyways.


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