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Are the 2012 New York Knicks Too Old to Win a Championship?

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According to Mike Woodson the Knicks decided to go MEGA old because youthful teams do not win titles:

“Young guys aren’t winning an NBA title’’

The logic goes like this: youthful teams don’t win titles –>; the Knicks shouldn’t be youthful –>; the Knicks should sign THE OLDEST GUYS POSSIBLE (the Knicks have 40% of the league’s ten oldest guys). Thus, according to the Wall Street Journal (h/t The Knicks Wall), the Knicks have assembled literally the oldest team EVAR, at 32 2/3 years old. But in swinging the pendulum all the way to one extreme, did the Knicks do themselves any favors in their ostensible goal, “winning an NBA title”?

I don’t work for STATS, LLC, but I do have the Google machine, and I found this chart from the Mavericks TrueHoop affiliate The Two Man Game that breaks down the average and weighted ages for finals contestants between 1991 and 2010 (they compiled the chart before the 2011 finals and included the Mavericks for the sake of comparison):

Image placeholder title

I haven’t endeavored to normalize the Knicks’ age for the likely minutes each player will play because I lost my calculator and I’m not prescient. Focusing only average age however, if the Knicks win the title, they’ll be an extreme outlier. That’s another way of saying that despite Grunwald’s best intentions, and Woodson’s proclamation that “[y]oung guys aren’t winning an NBA title”, old guys aren’t winning an NBA title, either.

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