The NFL Needs a Face


The NBA uses the silhouette of Jerry West on their logo. The NFL uses a shield and now I know why; it's to protect the NFL and NFLPA from the fans. They way it works is they can hide behind that NFL logo and think that no matter what crap the throw out from behind the logo, they're protected because the fans are so much in love with the NFL. They believe the fans are too naive to see past the sport they love so much and take a peek behind the shield.

Well, the fans are finally seeing the greed behind the shield as the shield is taking hard hits from fans and it's becoming tarnished. If the NFL doesn't get a deal worked out soon, the shield will crack like the Liberty Bell. With the lockout in full force, it appears that the NFL logo has changed to have their own silhouette on the front of their shield. It's not the silhouette of the all time greats like Jim Brown, Bart Starr, etc. No, it's the face of the NFL criminal.

I stated a few weeks ago, that if this was an extensive lockout, that we would see a record breaking amount of arrests of NFL players. Without any real football stories going on, there isn't anything that the NFL can do to distract the fans from this ugly side of the game. The face of the NFL logo belongs to Aqib Talib. The guy has become the poster boy of what's wrong with the NFL. Back in December, I wrote that the Bucs have falling from the path that led them to their Super Bowl win. Back then, they only pursued high character prospects, now they seem to seek out the troubled back grounds and it should blow up in their face.

Roger Goodell said a few years ago, that teams that kept drafting players that got in trouble would face a severe penalty. I believe it's time to show that wasn't lip service. Take a peek at that NFL Rage piece, it lays out some of the arrests from the Tampa Bay team. The team leader in off the field problems is Aqib Talib and to no one's surprise, he's back in the news again.

Talib got into a fight with his rookie teammate Cory Boyd, as soon as he came into the league. Talib also got into a fight with another teammate, where he was swinging a helmet and cut his teammates' face and assaulted a cab driver. That's just to name a few but none of those come close to what he's being accused of now. Talib is now accused of brandishing a firearm. Reports say that Talib allegedly pulled his firearm to strike his sister's boyfriend, Shannon Billings. He fumbled his gun and Billings picked it up to run with it. While he was running off, Talib's mother pulled out her own gun and squeezed off 3 shots at Billings (I couldn't make this up if I wanted to). Not to be outdone by his mother, Aqib took the gun from her and pulled to trigger to fire off 2 shots of his own. Seriously!?!?

Forget the remarks about red flags, or where there's smoke there's fire. Talib passed that stage long ago when it was reported that he failed the drug test for marijuana while at Kansas. So, there's already been weed smoke and now here's the gun fire. These are just charges now but if they turn out to be true, then Talib should get a lifetime ban from the NFL. Seems harsh? He tried to KILL somebody! We need to quit putting these players on a pede-stool when they belong on a court bench stool. If it turns out that this situation went down like accused, then Goodell has to make an example out of Talib and the Tampa Bay Bucs.

If you fought with a co-worker your first week on the job, then later cut another co-workers face, were then arrested for assaulting a cab driver, and for good measure went all Wild Wild West with your mother on your sister's boyfriend...would you still have a job?  Would anybody ever hire you again? Why does this man keep getting passes? Why do they keep giving him more chances?

Out, Out, Out, I want him Out!

Jayson Braddock is an NFL Scout / NFL Writer & On-Air Personality. Jayson is also a football insider for the Dylan Gwinn show on 790 AM in Houston, TX - Listeners NOT in the Houston metropolitan area can hear Jayson on iheart radio or You may email Jayson directly @ or follow him on Twitter @ JaysonBraddock

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