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2009 Defensive Rookie of the Year Award Voting to be Re-Done

The Associated Press announced on Monday that they will conduct a re-vote on last year’s Defensive Rookie of the Year award. Houston Texans LB Brian Cushing won the award last year but tested positive for PED’s last September. He’s been suspended for the first four games of this season and now it looks like he’ll lose his ROY title.

The AP also said that they were going to re-vote on the outside linebacker position of their All Pro team. Remember, this ain’t for the Pro Bowl. This is All Pro. As in, the best in the entire NFL at what you do.

Technically, Cushing is still eligible to win in the re-vote, but we don’t see any way in hell that happens. Buffalo Bills DB Jairus Byrd was second in the Defensive ROY voting last year, but Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews could win this as well.

And just to throw this in, Cushing apparently passed a lie detector test on the subject of whether or not he used PED’s, but the NFL suspended him anyway. Maybe he’s a really good liar. Oh what a tangled web we weave…


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