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Antonio Silva vs. Alistair Overeem: Complete Fight Highlights

Over the past three weeks we have seen two UFC title contenders lose their shots at the champs of their respective weight classes.

The first defeat occurred at UFC on FX 7 when Michael Bisping got knocked out by Vitor Belfort. On that night, the latter was just better than the former – there is no shame in that.

The second defeat occurred this past Saturday night when Alistair Overeem got destroyed by Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva. There is definitely some shame in that one.

Overeem (and the rest of us) underestimated Silva going in, only unlike the rest of us, the Dutch star stupidly based his fight plan on recklessly provoking Silva into beating him senseless.

You can view Silva knocking Overeem’s shot at Cain Velasquez out of the park in the video below.


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