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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria Earns a Perfect KO at UFC Rio

” He’s gonna get knocked out, and then I’m gonna leave Brazil.” – Brendan Schaub talks Big Nog

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira knocked out Brendan Schaub at UFC Rio in what was surprisingly the Heavyweight Legends first fight in his Mother Country. Then he stayed home, which is was only three miles away and celebrated.

After attempting a couple of take downs early on it seemed like Nogueria was in a bit of a pickle being forced to stand and trade with the dangerous new hotness of the Heavyweight Division. After coming up short and taking some punishment from Schaub the sold out HSBC crowd and Minotauro fans all around the world were surely holding their collective breath.

Then out of nowhere the comeback king landed a wicked right on his opponent’s chin that forced Schaub to throw a wild half conscious counter uppercut that was nowhere near its mark. Rodrigo threw a couple more shots faceplanting Schaub and then it was history. Big Nog earned his first straight up KO victory since he finished Sanae Kikuta way back in 2002!

After a 16 month lay off since the Cain Velasquez KO it’s beyond exciting to see Nogueira alive and well in the UFC Heavyweight Division.  I’d like to see him face a fringe top 10 fighter sooner rather than later, no need for an extended layoff, he looked like he was in phenomenal shape during fight week and of course on Fight Night.

For Schaub, a fighter who felt that he deserved a title shot if he beat Nog, it’s not exactly back to the drawing board but I don’t feel like he’s beaten anyone to be even considered for a title shot. Maybe a fight against the winner of Struve vs. Barry or Mitrione vs. Kongo would be the best option for the University of Colorado Alumni.

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