Antonio Margarito: “Pacquiao’s Going to Eat My Punches”

Deep in a training session for his upcoming match with Manny Pacquiao, former welterweight champion Antonio Margarito took a bit of time out to make sure fans knew he wasn’t intimidated by the Filipino fighter.

“Pacquiao won’t stand up to my punches,” Margarito told Boxscore News reporter John Martinez about the fighters' Nov.13 fight. “He’s been shook by smaller fighters than me and he will find out the hard way that his punches won’t hurt me.”

Despite having 38 wins (27 knockouts), the 32-year-old Tijuana-born Margarito has been ruled the underdog against the much smaller Pacquiao.

For his part, Margarito admits that he hears the murmurs amongst fans that he stands no shot against his November opponent. Not only does he want to prove the doubters wrong, but he’s also looking to show that more than a year after being caught with illegal hand wraps prior to getting beaten by Shane Mosley in January 2009, he’s still an elite boxer.

“I know that everyone’s saying that I’m going to lose and get knocked out and that I’m no match for him (Pacquiao),” Margarito said, referring to Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach’s repeated claims that the Filipino will take him out before the eighth round of their fight.

“Manny’s not going to have everyone’s help in there (on the ring); he’s going to fight me and me only. He won’t have anywhere to go once I start to apply the pressure and throw my punches at him. I will knock out him out because of this.”

While most casual fans expect Pacquiao to make short work of his opponent, some red flags were raised over the course of the last week or so from the Filipino boxer’s camp. According to Top Rank boss, Bob Arum, Pacquiao looked “really bad” in his sparring session over the weekend.

However, Margarito’s confidence doesn’t come from anything that Arum, or other members of Pacquiao’s camp are saying. Rather, he’s simply sure in his own technique, power and studies of his opponent.

“I’ve seen other guys hit him and give him pressure, but then they don’t continue their attack,” Margarito tells. “I am going to go nonstop if I see or think he’s hurt and I’m not going to stop until he’s on the floor.

“The way he (Pacquiao) fights, he is open to uppercuts. He’s going to be eating mine and when he does, he won’t want to come inside.”


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