Anti-Gambling Ad Shows Sad Boy Whose Dad Bet Savings on Germany (Video)


A real anti-gambling ad looks like a parody from "Saturday Night Live" after Germany's upset victory over Brazil this week at the World Cup.

The ad (video below) was produced by the National Council on Problem Gambling in Singapore, which apparently did not think Germany had a chance, notes Yahoo! Sports.

In the ad, a group of boys talk about who they think is going to win the World Cup, but ends with one sad youngster admitting that his dad, a gambler, bet his savings on Germany.

The boy sadly drops his head down in shame.

However, if the boy's dad actually bet on Germany he would have a good chance of winning as Germany has made it to the final and is favored.

According to, Germany originally had an 11 percent chance of winning per the Soccer Power Index (SPI), which is an algorithm co-developed by ESPN.

Now, Germany has a 64 percent chance of winning the World Cup.

The National Council on Problem Gambling was able to throw a wet blanket on the unintended comedy of their ad.

"Selecting Germany injected a sense of realism in our messaging, since no one will bet on a potentially losing team," a spokesman told Reuters. "At the end of the day, win or lose, the dangers of problem gambling, and the potential anxiety and pain that loved ones go through, remain unchanged."

Sources: Reuters,, Yahoo! Sports


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