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Carmelo Anthony to Accept Contract Extension with Denver Nuggets?

A league source tells the Denver Post that Carmelo Anthony is “very serious” about accepting a contract extension with the Denver Nuggets. However, Anthony wants to wait and see how the team addresses their front court issues before he does so.

The extension that is on the table is reportedly a three-year deal for $65 million. The Nuggets are smart because Anthony can opt out of his final year and would be free to sign with anyone. Like, say…the New York Knicks.

Anthony was asked if he thinks that the current Nuggets roster can win a championship.

“Obviously it didn’t happen this year,” he said. “They definitely need to add something, definitely.”

The source also said that Anthony will not play for Team USA in this summer’s World Championships in Turkey. He’s getting married this summer and wants to spend time with his family.

As to whether or not he wants to spend more time with the Nuggets, we’ll have to wait and see.


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