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Anthony Pettis Responds to Donald Cerrone's Ducking Accusations

Anthony Pettis says he isn't dodging anybody. When interviewed at RFA 4 on Friday night by Heidi Fang of MMA Fight Corner, Pettis said he thinks he and Donald Cerrone may finally have a date, place and time to throwdown.

He was hoping to fight sooner, but a shoulder injury, surgery, then an infection has spoiled his chances of fighting this year. His last appearance in the Octagon was back in February at UFC 144 when he TKO'd Joe Lauzon with a Pettis-style head kick and punches.

"I just can't catch a break. Injury is good. I had shoulder surgery, I was recovering from that, it took a little longer than expected. Got back to the gym, caught a staph infection the first week in. It's a tough break for me right now, but I'm going to get better and get through this."

When he does get through it, it may be time to settle business between the two former WEC fighters who've found success in their UFC careers. Cerrone's been talking a lot about Pettis, saying he's been ducking him. Pettis said that's not the case at all and he's ready to put an end to the trash talk.

"I'm staying quiet. I try to stay really quiet, until people think I'm actually ducking him. I wouldn't duck anybody. I'm in to be the best and fight the best and if he's the next guy in line, I want it. But never ducked him. I'm going to fight him. I want end of January, early February, I'm just waiting for my comeback."

Pettis is hoping the contract can be inked in time to make the UFC 156 card on Super Bowl weekend, or before then.

"Whatever the Super Bowl weekend, or before then, by February 2nd I'll have that fight. It's going to be done."

"He's been talking so much stuff. I think he's a good matchup for me. That's going to get me hopefully closer to a title shot and get me where I want to be at."

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