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Is Anthony Pettis Ducking Donald Cerrone?

Donald Cerrone (18-4-1 NC) has caught the attention of Anthony Pettis (15-2), after comments he made about the fighter's unwillingness to step inside the Octagon with him.

During the UFC 150 Media Conference Call, Cerrone said that he felt Pettis was all talk and his managers always had an excuse about him not being ready when trying to put a fight together between the two former WEC Lightweight Champions. Pettis, who was not part of the conference call, disagrees.

"I think it's him trying to get his name out there and trying to get closer to a title shot," said Pettis. "For him to do it the way he did pissed me off. If he gets passed his fight with Melvin [Guillard] and it makes sense for me to fight him then I'll do it. If he's in my way I'll take him out. I'm not the type of guy to talk about anyone. I'm never afraid to fight anybody. I want to be the best lightweight in the world and if he's in my way I'll take him out."

Pettis confirmed that the UFC had talked to him about the two fighting at UFC 150, but shoulder surgery he had in April required six months to recover. Cerrone is scheduled to fight Melvin Guillard (30-10-2-1 NC) in the co-main event on that show. During the interview, Pettis pleaded with the UFC to make the fight if Cerron beats Guillard.

"I wouldn't say we're friends, but he never once had anything openly to say to my face," said Pettis. "Then you put him behind a telephone and his little keyboard and a tough guy comes out."

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