Anthony Johnson is Looking to Make a Statement at WSOF 1


After the World Series of Fighting's press conference on Thursday afternoon, Anthony Rumble Johnson gave an exclusive interview to MMA Fight Corner and is promising to break DJ Linderman's will in the promotion's co-main event on Saturday night at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

This will be Johnson's third fight at light heavyweight. With one day to go before weigh-ins, Johnson was smiling and feeling comfortable about fighting at 205.

"It's just about feeling good and being myself. I don't think I'm reborn. I think I'm a better fighter than last time. But, I don't think I'm reborn, or trying to do anything special in my career. I'm just doing what's best for me, and my body, and my family, and my team."

Rumble trains at the Jaco Hybrid Training Center in Florida, also known as the Blackzilians camp. Teammates Tyrone Spong, Miguel Torres and JZ Calvacante are all on the November 3rd fight card. Having his teammates there fighting the same night, is something Johnson's looking forward to.

"We all bring so much important energy towards each other in the fight game so I'm excited to have them all with me."

DJ Linderman spoke about fighting Johnson at the presser and said: "I think just Anthony's going to have a problem with the power I bring down from heavyweight and the quickness I have now."

Linderman's comment riled up Johnson who's promised to "whup his behind."

"You heard him on the press conference saying he's got power, I've dealt with that already. Now he's saying he's going to submit me - somebody showed me tweet or something like that. I'm interested in seeing what he can do. I don't take him for granted but, don't say what you're going to do and there's 99-percent chance you won't do it."

"I always look for finish, but for him, I don't even want to finish him, I just want to hurt him," Johnson added.

Following that answer, Johnson went on to talk about what an honor it is to fight in the WSOF's co-main event, but still seemed distracted by Linderman's comments. He then opened up about what DJ said, and stated that he doesn't think Linderman can back up his words once they step in the cage.

"When I was younger, I used to talk all the time and say crazy stuff, and I don't do that anymore, I just go out there and fight. But I'll tell you if I'm gonna try and knock you out, I'll admit that right off the bat. But, right now, I'm not about that, I'm about just beating people up. Saying he's got power, which I don't doubt, a guy coming from heavyweight down to light heavyweight, I'd be a dummy if I thought that he didn't. But don't say 'I haven't felt any power like [his]' or whatever he said and say he's going to take me down, or submit me, stuff like that. Well you got to get a chance first. If I don't hit you first, you got to submit me, you got to get on top of me, cause you ain't going to submit me while I'm on top. I'm glad he's confident in himself, I'm just eager to see what he has to offer. Which I know he has something offer, but we'll see, I'm going to break him down. If I get my opportunity to break him down."

The action goes down on Saturday, November 3 at the PH Live inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino and televised on NBC Sports Network. Andrei Arlovski vs Devin Cole will serve as the main event. The weigh-ins are Friday at the PH Live lobby at 4pm PT in Las Vegas.

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