Anthony Davis’ Kentucky Wildcats Had an Average Spring GPA of 3.12

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Ever since he arrived at Kentucky, John Calipari has been on the wrong end of more criticism than anyone can really keep track of. Mostly, the criticism is in regards to how he handles his recruiting business.

Something about Coach Cal's unapologetic way of inviting one-and-done players to ignore getting an education as they spend the requisite year in school, coupled with his minor past run-ins with the NCAA, rubs a lot of folks the wrong way – a point that Calipari himself is all too willing to admit himself.

But how legitimate is the criticism, really? That’s the question that everyone is asking themselves on this fine Tuesday morning, as Kentucky is proudly boasting news of their men’s basketball team -- the one that's coming off an NCAA Championship win this year -- having a team grade-point average of 3.12 this spring. The good times don't end there, though. Three of the Wildcats’ early entrants into the 2012 NBA Draft -- freshmen Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Marquis Teague -- also combined for a grade-point average of "well above 3.0."


The men's basketball team's spring grade-point average of 3.12, which included walk-on players, marked the second-best GPA for a semester in Calipari's three seasons. In the spring of 2011, UK said the men's basketball team had a GPA of 3.14.

In UK's announcement of its team grade-point averages for the spring of 2011, Calipari posted a comment in which he said that the GPA represented "the TRUE philosophy" of the school's desire for classroom achievement by athletes.

So there you have it. Kentucky – it’s not just an NBA factory anymore. It’s a place of top-tier higher education, apparently.

Eat your heart out, Bob Knight.

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