Anonymous New York Jets Players Publicly Mock Tim Tebow


The New York Jets are awful. They have lost three straight games and now sit at 3-6 on the year. They rank in the bottom half of the NFL in every statistic worth knowing aside from opponent passing yardage. Their coach is reportedly melting down under the weight of his team’s pure, unfiltered horribleness. And now, as expected, players are beginning to turn on each other.

In response to rumors that Tim Tebow may replace Mark Sanchez at starting quarterback, a ton of unnamed players (and a single named one) stepped up and absolutely destsroyed Tebow to the New York Daily News.  

“He’s terrible,” a defensive starter said.

“We don’t look at him as a quarterback,” another starter said. “He’s the Wildcat guy.”

“We can’t win running that sh--,” a different guy said, of Tebow running the Wildcat.

“Now we’re depending on miracles?” a member of the organization said. “You can’t play that way.”

And the one guy who was man enough to put his name to the slander? Here is what he had to say:

“It’s not even close,” left guard Matt Slauson admitted. “All the other quarterbacks know it. I have all the confidence in Mark. We don’t really have a choice.”

His assessment of the backup situation: “We have Greg . . . and we have an athlete.”

The Jets wanted attention when they traded for Tim Tebow this summer. They had a ton of holes to fill before they were ravaged by injuries; instead of filling the holes, ownership decided to steal some headlines. Well, congratulations – mission accomplished.

Here is your headline:

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(Kudos New York Daily News, Yahoo! Sports)

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