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Angry Dad Smashes Glass At Hockey Rink During Kid's Game (Video)

There always seems to be one dad who takes kids' sports much too seriously.

One of those dads was caught on video (below) smashing a pane of glass at an ice rink in York, Pennsylvania, during a youth hockey tournament over the weekend.

After the glass falls on the ice, a female bystander yells, "Way to go, Paul."

The ice rink is owned by the city, but managed by York Revolution.

"This is another unfortunate example of the totally ridiculous obsession of some parents with youth sports," York Revolution president Eric Menzer told

"It's safety glass, (so) it doesn't crack; it crumbles," Menzer added.

Menzer said the man who shattered the glass with his metal wedding ring is from Florida and will have to pay for the damage; however, the police were not called.

YouTube user Rachael Cunningham commented on the video: "I know this family and he is a very nice husband, father and friend. He wears a carbide wedding ring and that broke the glass. This is the material that they use to make glass breakers for cars. He feels horrible for what happened in front of the girls but he felt that some one had to stand up for the whole team that was taking a physical illegal in this league."

Sources:, YouTube / Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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