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NFL Analysis: Andy Reid’s Coaching Tree isn't Great

With the new hirings of Ron Rivera as head coach in Carolina and Pat Shurmur in Cleveland, there has been a lot of talk about how impressive Andy Reid’s coaching tree is. Yes, that are a lot of his former coaches that have gotten head coaching positions, but is Andy the one to credit?

Let’s look at who the head coaches in the league are that came from Philadelphia (Jeff Fisher doesn’t count, don’t be stupid) and Andy Reid’s regime:

-Steve Spagnuolo, St. Louis Rams
-Pat Shurmur, Cleveland Browns
-John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens
-Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers
-Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings
-Andy Reid (he’s a head coach and it’s his tree, so…), Philadelphia Eagles

Wow, that’s a lot of coaches that worked under Andy. But, is this list really that impressive? I have to give credit to OTR’s Jason Ashworth for repeatedly hammering this point home as we sat and drank cold ones over the weekend.

It must be made clear that Andy almost never touched the defense while Jim Johnson was the defensive coordinator. He had so much trust in J.J., that he let him do his thing. It was well known that the defense belonged to Jim.

So, how many of these guys came from Andy’s coaching tree? We have to note that Brad Childress got an NFC Championship game with the Vikings. He counts towards Andy’s credit, but ask a Vikings fan what they thought of him as a head coach.

So then, Shurmur is the only other guy that really studied under Andy as an offensive coach. John Harbaugh was a long-time special teams coach, who eventually took over the defensive backs before being hired by the Ravens. So, he doesn’t count.

This impressive coaching tree should really go more towards the credit of Jim Johnson, and not Reid. Andy really only has two head coaches in the NFL right now and he’s one of them. The other was fired midseason for messing up so badly. And that guy was replaced by a Jim Johnson guy.

So, is this really Andy’s coaching tree?


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