Andy Reid to Start Nick Foles, Not Michael Vick Against Redskins


An inside source has told ESPN that the Philadelphia Eagles will be starting Nick Foles against the Washington Redskins on Sunday night, and that injured quarterback Michael Vick is still dealing with aftereffects from the concussion he sustained in Sunday afternoon's game against the Cowboys. That same source reported that Philadelphia coach Andy Reid is still going to “Stick with Vick” as soon as he is healthy enough to play, but this may be Andy Reid’s answer to his problems and worst season since taking over the Eagles 14 years ago.

The Eagles have had troubles at the QB position for the past few seasons. As a once-steady Donovan McNabb began to falter in the late ‘00s, and the Eagles picked up the newly released ex-con Michael Vick. Vick was never meant to start, and after trading McNabb to Washington prior to the ’10 season, Houston alumnus and McNabb backup Kevin Kolb led the team onto the field for Game One of the 2010 season. There, he suffered a concussion, and Vick became the Eagles’ starter.

In a revolving door to the emergency room, Vick went out with rib injuries in Week Four. By Week Eight, Vick was back, and he held the reins throughout the season. By the next off-season, Kolb was dealt to the Arizona Cardinals, and Vick has been piloting the team ever since. A lot of critics wonder if he still has the magic to make things happen like he did with the Atlanta Flacons, and for this reason, Philly rolled the dice at the 2012 Draft, picking up Foles in the third round, the 88th pick overall.

The gale you heard blowing across the Mid-Atlantic Tuesday morning was not a gale. It was the collective sigh of relief the City of Brotherly Love let out upon hearing the news that Foles would start on Sunday.

Foles has the college numbers. He has set high school records in passing yards and touchdowns, surpassing Drew Brees, also an alumnus of Westlake High. He holds numerous records at University of Arizona where he was the starter for three years. He was voted Central Texas (All-Centex) Player of the Year by the Austin American-Statesman He won the Tom Lemming All-American as senior. He was name No. 8 in the Houston Chronicle’s, Top 100. The creds are there, credits AND credentials. What took Andy Reid so long, and why did it take an injury for him to plug this kid into the lineup?

In the preseason, fans loved Foles. Frankly, he proved himself capable in those first five games. Fans also gave him a standing O last Sunday when he came in for the injured Vick. He threw (in slightly less than three quarters) for 219 yards, 22 completions for 32 attempts. Yeah, he threw an INT, but he also threw a TD. He looked calm and comfortable in the pocket, made a couple rookie blunders, but this WAS just his first regular season game.

If Foles can turn this team around, Reid owes him a chunk of his salary as a bonus, because he might be the only thing that helps Reid keep his job. If Foles comes out, performs as well as he has proven he can, and Reid goes back to Vick in a couple of weeks? Both Reid and Vick deserve whatever owner Jeffery Lurie has in store for them.


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