Andy Reid May Start Michael Vick, Not Nick Foles Against Redskins


Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid has told Philly media that he has not made a decision on whether or not to start QB Michael Vick on Sunday, contrary to insider reports made to ESPN.

Vick, concussed in the second quarter last Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, left the game and complained about recurring headaches the following day. ESPN reported that he would sit out the next game against the Redskins, but Reid came out today saying no decision has been made.

Reid claims that Vick needs rest, but the headaches are going away. It’s almost like Reid is PRAYING for Vick to get back in the lineup. What’s more, Vick has yet to undergo any NFL-mandated post-concussions checkups. The game is four days away. What’s he waiting for?

It looks more and more like a ploy to put rookie Nick Foles in and save some face. Anyone who is closely connected to the Eagles organization had been wondering for two or three weeks why Foles hasn’t gotten the start.

Or maybe Reid is that serious about Vick. He has already said that Vick is his man, just as soon as his headaches go away. It looks more and more like Andy wants to force himself into early retirement. I sure hope his investments have panned out well.

More as this breaking story unfolds.


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