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Bynum Has Knee Drained in Preparation for Celtics and NBA Finals

Andrew Bynum had his right knee drained by doctors in Los Angeles Monday morning after the Laker center complained of some discomfort. The Los Angeles Lakers hope to have all their players healthy for the upcoming NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics.

Bynum has a tear in his right meniscus in Game 6 against the Oklahoma City Thunder that was causing some swelling. The knee has been protected by a large-knee brace throughout the playoffs. He has been limited in his production since, scoring just 9.1 per game, grabbing 7.7 rebounds, and playing 24.2 minutes.

“It was just getting worse,” Bynum said following a film session Monday. “The swelling wasn’t leaving so we had to do it … I was doing the treatment, but [the swelling] wasn’t going anywhere like in the previous three rounds so I just had to drain it.”

The Lakers and Bynum decided that an emergency surgery, like the one done to Brandon Roy, would not be the best course of action for the overall recovery of the 22-year old center. Instead, they will continue to treat the knee with minor procedures. The same action was taken with star Kobe Bryant’s knee, and the Lakers star played brilliantly in the series with the Phoenix Suns.

The Lakers now face the challenge of the Celtics, who are coming into the NBA Finals on a tear after beating two teams that they were the underdogs against. They are again set at the underdogs by NBA Sportsbooks in Thursday night’s Game 1 by 5 1/2 points. The over/under set for the total points scored in the game is 192.

Waiting on the front line for Bynum will be several Celtic big men including Rasheed Wallace, Glen Davis, Kevin Garnett, and Kedrick Perkins none of whom are under 6-9 and 230 pounds. Perkins faces a suspension by the league should he get one more technical foul in the playoffs.

The seven-foot Bynum scored 16.5 points, 10 rebounds and shot 50 percent from the floor in the two regular-season games against the Celtics. The Lakers split the series with the Celtics winning on the road, but losing the meeting at Staples Center.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to get one back,” Bynum said. “You never want to let that slip. It’s an opportunity for us to say, ‘We can beat these guys.’ Nobody can come up to us and say, ‘You guys can never beat Boston, you went to the Finals three times, they beat you twice.’ We don’t want to hear any of that. That’s a motivating factor for us.”

Bynum did not play in 2008 when the Lakers lost to the Celtics in the finals. He was sidelined with a knee injury that year, and not able to attend even one game while receiving treatment in New York.


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