Andrei Arlovski Would've Done Anything to Beat Tim Sylvia

Andrei Arlovski (17-9-1 NC) has no regrets about the two soccer kicks to the head of Tim Sylvia (31-7-1 NC), which led to their fourth fight being called a no contest. Going into the fight, Arlovski was determined to land those kicks and expressed that Sylvia would have done the same.

"Even if [the referee] didn't raise his arm I would have kicked him because before the fight he said he was going to kick me," said Arlovski on Inside MMA. "It's exactly what I told Travis Browne and Greg Jackson. I told them I don't really care if they're going to disqualify me or not, if I have the opportunity to soccer kick I'm going to do it."

ONE FC has since decided to use PRIDE rules when it pertains to kicking a downed opponent.

The two are expected to fight for a fifth time late this year or earlier 2013.

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