Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson has missed the first three days of ‘voluntary’ OTAs (Organized Team Activities).  Not a huge deal, but one can assume, then guarantee, that if Johnson was making a salary which reflected his dominating abilities he would have been on the field at the beginning of the week.

In March of 2007, Johnson signed an eight-year extension worth $60 million and is scheduled to make $5.8 million this upcoming season.  A number that should be a little higher, but still not chump change.  Reggie Wayne made less than that last year.  Just saying.

The good news for Houston fans is John McClain reported (well, tweeted) that Johnson’s uncle and agent, Andre Melton, will meet with GM Rick Smith on Friday to renegotiate the contract that was renegotiated three years ago.  Furthermore, Andre will be on the field today (Thursday) when the Texans begin their fourth day of OTAs.

OTR was able to get a hold of the Texan’s agenda today for the Organized Team Activities:

  • 9:30am:  Pledge of Allegiance
  • 9:45am:  Welcome back party for Andre Johnson (Kareem Jackson, orange slices; Ben Tate, granola mix; Earl Mitchell, carrots; Darryl Sharpton, board games; Garrett Graham, playing cards; Sherrick McManis, karaoke machine)
  • 10:45am:  Wind sprints (kickers, too.  That includes you Matt Turk)
  • 11:30am:  Helping Matt Turk off the field
  • 12:00am:  Lunch.  **Remember to thank Mexican chef Hugo Ortega for catering**
  • 1:30am:  Offense report to Field ‘A’ for team drills.  Defense report to Field ‘B’ for team drills.  Kickers, find somewhere to just kick the ball
  • 2:30am:  Bathroom break.  **Remember to thank Mexican chef Hugo Ortega**
  • 3:00am:  Simulated game, no pads
  • 4:00am:  Offensive linemen will share their “What I did this past winter” short stories
  • 5:00am:  Team huddle on Field ‘A’
  • 5:30am:  Dismissed


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