Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones: Are They Scared?

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UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva doesn't have a lot of desire to move up and compete in the light heavyweight division. And, UFC 205-pound champion Jon Jones doesn't really want to see "The Spider" do so.

Both have turned down any talk of a super-fight taking place. Jones, in fact, will defend his title in September against Dan Henderson. While appearing on ESPN Radio recently, "Bones" discussed why he has no desire to face Silva.

"It's not that he won't fight me, or I won't fight him. To be dead honest, it's that we both have a lot to lose and we both respect each other a lot and we both are striving for personal greatness," Jones said. "Having us fight each other means one of our championships goes away. I respect Anderson Silva so much that I don't want to be the guy to beat him. I don't want to lose to him either. It's a lose-lose situation for me."

Jones is seeking his fourth successful title defense against Henderson, while Silva has defended his title a UFC-record 10 times thanks to a second victory over Chael Sonnen.

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